Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wedding Planning: Invitations

We are just three short months from our New England wedding! Time has absolutely flown by and wedding planning has taken a backseat to our performing. Jerron and I both opened showed and closed shows in May and June and now we are preparing for our European adventure next week! In the meantime we are busy digging into the details of our wedding.

Jerron and I are on the tightest of budgets for our wedding so by necessity it has become a DIY wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way! Since we have found that our lives have been filled with travel, we've decided to make our wedding vintage travel themed. Here is our Save the Date video that Jerron made for all of our out of town guests.

Tonight we finally  finished our invitations! A bottle of wine and a little jazz can really get you through almost anything! 

I am so in love with the invitations Jerron designed for us! 

Up next...Cocktail Party Etiquette 101!


The Vintage Chanteuse

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Lovely Weekend for a Wedding Shower

 ~~~~~~ This post is best enjoyed with "Only a Paper Moon" by Ella Fitzgerald ~~~~~


It was a lovely weekend full of family, friends, vintage frocks, thrifting, and celebrating love!  Here's a peak at Yesterday's Lady 's trip to New England! 

We managed to find a bit of Nebraska in New England.

The best weekends begin with a bit of bubble and vintage pocket squares!
 Miss Eleanor wore the sweetest vintage pink dress with ruffled bottoms.

We had the most beautiful wedding shower with vintage dresses, cherished advice, and decadent food!

 Even Miss Eleanor wore her best vintage dress to the affair!

It doesn't matter where you're going 
it's who you have beside you.

Up next....A very vintage wedding!


Monday, July 6, 2015

Gallery Wall

We've moved...and created our first gallery wall! Ever since I spied this awesome gallery wall on ABM years ago, I have been collecting fun prints and frames just waiting for the perfect space!  Here's everything you need to know about creating your own gallery wall.

I was a bit overwhelmed when we first started to lay out our photos and prints, but as I began to style this small corner of our new apartment I found it to be so much fun! It quickly became my favorite corner, housing the liquor and motivation quotes!

Our first step was to lay out all of our prints on the floor and tinker with their placement until we found an arrangement that we felt was perfect. One of the most important aspects of a gallery wall is to make sure every piece is spaced equally across the whole wall. You can measure it precisely, but we found it was much easier to find a small object to use a spacer and stick with it. For this, we used our Apple TV remote!

After settling on a layout, we flipped every item over and cut paper precisely to fit the size of each piece. Once the paper was cut, we poked a whole where the nail was supposed to be placed, and then replaced the picture with the newly cut piece of paper.

After each piece was complete, began with the biggest central piece as an "anchor" and taped each piece of paper to the wall precisely where we wanted it. After the whole wall was assembled, we drived the nails into the proper places, tore down the pieces of paper, and replaced them with the real frames!

You may notice that we changed our mind on one of the pieces once we got it on the wall. It's important to remember that you do not need to stick to your original plan if you don't want to. Anything goes!

This project's theme song is Michael Kiwanuka's Home Again.


-The Vintage Chanteuse