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Welcome to The Vintage Chanteuse! I am thrilled that you have stumbled upon my blog! The Vintage Chanteuse blog is about my passion for the arts, vintage clothing, and leading a vintage inspired lifestyle. My mother and I are co-owners of 5th Street Vintage in downtown Beatrice, NE.  Where my mother, Yesterday's Lady is owner and proprietor of The Vintage Clothing Museum and The Vintage Salon. As an expansion of her business we created 5th Street Vintage, a retail store with ready-to-wear clothing from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. We will be opening our doors in August, 2014!  Please find out more information here!

As part of 5th Street Vintage, my fiancé and I decided in early 2014 that we wanted to come together to share how we have incorporated vintage and retro flair into our lives. From food and drinks to clothing, furniture, and DIY projects, there are countless ways you can re purpose gems from decades lost and make them completely new again. Please through our read my stories below and feel free to poke around The Vintage Chanteuse blog!

Christi, The Vintage Chanteuse

Hi, my name is Christi! I am the voice behind The Vintage Chanteuse. As an operatic soprano with my Doctorate in Music, I am so excited to have a tiny corner of the world where I can share with you my passion for both classical music and all things vintage! As you can see by the vintage dress in the picture above, I am always looking for new ways in which these two worlds can collide.

My passion for opera began when I was 15 years old. However, my passion for all things vintage began long before that, as my mother was dragging us to flea markets and auctions before we could walk. My mother, Yesterday's Lady, and I own 5th Street Vintage, a vintage clothing store in Downtown Beatrice, Nebraska. I currently reside in West Hartford, CT, where I am an active performer and teacher. You can find out more about my singing here.

Jerron J, Guest Blogger
Sharing his previous experience as a bartender, Jerron fancies himself a bit of a cocktail snob!  His other hobbies include singing, snowboarding, running, and collecting vintage watches. Also, trying to keep his crazy dogs in line. He is excited to join The Vintage Chanteuse and share his passion for liquor, music, and bringing back the old-fashioned gentleman.  Find out more about Jerron's music here.

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