Monday, January 18, 2016

In Love in Germany

As I look out my frosted windows over cold and desolate Hartford, I am finding myself longing for summer. 
This past summer was magical for us. As classical artists, my husband and I feel a bit like fish out of water here in the states. That isn't to say there isn't amazing art happening in the states or there aren't incredibly talent musicians hidden in every tiny town and big city, but our art form comes alive in Europe.  

To walk the streets Mozart and Beethoven did, see the town where Goethe wrote his poetry, or sit at a café Puccini frequented is to gain a deeper understanding of our art form and life. I know, spoken like a true artist, right?

Jerron and I traveled to Saarburg, Germany where we spent two wonderful weeks full of rehearsing and practicing and evenings performing for the most appreciative German audiences.

I was given the most fabulous 1960's wiggle dress to perform in. The German audiences loved it; I was actually asked if I was a movie star when I wore it! Yesterday's Lady knew exactly which dress  would travel well, fit perfectly, and steal the stage! 

We lived those two weeks. 
We ate rich and delicious food, drank world famous wine, danced in the streets, sang for hours, walked cobblestone streets, biked winding roads and hiked among grape vines. Just like I said, it was a magical summer.

Here are a few of our favorite moments!
Vespa, anyone?
On the way up to ride the Rodelbahn!
The sweetest corner of Saarburg, The biergarten at the Hotel-Villa Keller!
Top of an old castle with Saarburg in the background.
Little Italy in the middle of Saarburg
The Saar river in the heart of Riesling country

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